Leading a high performance team


Work team are the backbone of contemporary work life. Building and leading an organizational culture around a successful team concept is considered a critical leadership competency.

A "high-performance work team" refers to a group of goal-focused individuals with specialized expertise and complementary skills who collaborate, innovate and produce consistently superior results. The group relentlessly pursues performance excellence through shared goals, shared leadership, collaboration, open communication, clear role expectations and group operating rules, early conflict resolution, and a strong sense of accountability and trust among its members.

Leading a high-performance team is essential to the way most organizations organize and carry out their work which results in superior performance and then translates into a significant competitive advantage or edge for the organization.

Course overview

This training will explore:

  • Factors required for a high-performance work team.
  • Common stages of team development.
  • Causes of team dysfunction.
  • Practical ways a team head can help teams achieve high performance. Which include the right training, conflict resolution, assessments, and facilitation of results.
  • Communication practice amongst the team.


At the end of this training, participants will be able to have:

  • A deep sense of purpose and commitment to the team's members and to the organization.
  • Mutual accountability and a clear understanding of each team member’s responsibilities to the team and individual obligations.
  • A diverse range of expertise that complements other team members' abilities.
  • Interdependence and trust between members.
  • Ability to make proposals and decisions.

Training price: N50,000

duration: 1 day

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