Report Writing Skills: Overview

Improving Report Writing Skills can lead to better customer relations, more successful bids, improved image, and reputation. This course will develop a range of essential written communication skills, including How to Avoid Making Common Grammatical and Punctuation Errors, and How to Get the Message Across using Concise, Plain English. The skills learnt will provide a useful basis for improving the quality, clarity, and effectiveness of all reports, whether for internal or external use.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Knowing Your Reader: Identifying The Needs/Interests Of The Reader To Tailor The Contents And Style Appropriately
  • Setting The Framework: Linking Overall Aims And Objectives With Appropriate Content, Style And Structure Of Writing
  • Planning Your Writing: Tools To Help In The Planning Of Reports
  • Report Writing Conventions: Exploring The Use Of Conventions When Writing Formal And Informal Documents
  • Ensuring Clarity And Impact: Exploring How The Use Of Clear, Plain Language Can Increase The Effectiveness Of Reports
  • Spelling And Punctuation: The Rules For The Use Of Punctuation And Techniques For Improving Your Spelling
  • Developing A House Style: How To Ensure Consistency Of Content And Style Whilst Maintaining Impact And Keeping The Interest Of The Reader
  • Evaluating And Improving Your Reports: How To Assess The Effectiveness Of Your Reports, And How To Seek And Use Constructive Feedback To Ensure Ongoing Improvements
  • Personal Development Planning: Extending Learning Back Into The Workplace

Participants Will Learn

  1. How to increase their confidence to write clearly, concisely and effectively
  2. Identify appropriate writing styles and conventions for a range of different reports
  3. Match the style and content of their reports to the needs and interests of their readers
  4. Improve the impact and persuasiveness of their writing
  5. Present and structure information effectively

Program Cost & Duration

Training Duration: 1 Day

Cost: N15,000/Participant


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