Our Human resource outsourcing occurs when organizations focus on what they know how to do best, while giving us the responsibility to perform their HR functions and tasks on their behalf.

Our clients have the flexibility of selecting from our outsourcing packages:
✵Outsourcing On Demand
✵Key Services
✵Comprehensive service

We cover HR functions from end to end. Our Outsourcing services include the following:
✵Knowledge Management
✵Payroll Management
✵Performance Management
✵Performance Management
✵Recruitment Management
✵Training/ development
✵Exit Interview
✵Full HR administrative roles
✵HR Audit
✵Development of HR policies and Procedures
✵Competency Modelling Framework
✵Work Retreats
✵Inductions and Process documentation

While our clients focus on growing their business, we focus on the people since that are the first clients on the organizations

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