Bridgegap Consults Limited

Bridgegap Consults Limited has been providing multidisciplinary professional service to both local and international organizations since 2008.

Our vision is to be recognized as the best Human Resource and Business consulting company in Nigeria. Top quality service requires top quality people, so attracting the best talent is a commitment for Bridgegap. At Bridgegap, we are committed to working with clients through complexities of finding solutions and then adding value to the business world.

Driven by the culture of excellence and strict adherence to global best practices; we have combined our vision with delivery of services that exceeds customer's expectation. We believe that people are the best asset in any company, regardless of the business size, industry and market share.

Our Principles

We value differences; inspire and enable people to achieve high expectations, standards and challenging goals. We believe that doing what is right for the business with integrity will lead to mutual success for both the Company and the individual. Our quest for excellence ties us together. We believe it is the responsibility of all individuals to continually develop themselves and others. We encourage and expect outstanding technical mastery and executional excellence.

Our Strength

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Core Values

Customer Service

We provide exceptional customer service before, during and after a business transaction. We understand that one good customer service experience can change the entire perception a customer holds towards any organization. We accept personal accountability to meet our business needs, improve our systems and help clients improve their effectiveness.


Our values are uploaded at all times due to the client's need for an organization that is straightforward, loyal and has honesty enshrined in its culture. Our operational directives and business imperatives align with the messages from leadership related to ethics and compliance. Our set of clear values, amongst other things, emphasizes our organization's commitment to legal and regulatory compliance, integrity and business ethics.